Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bronson Has Selective Hearing, Or Just Likes To Exaggerate

In today's episode of Peter Bronson: GOP Shill we read about the spoon-fed story a couple of GOP hacks gave to Peter. Two white people from the burbs where sent into a mostly black neighborhood. This sounds like a retread reversed episode of Different Strokes. What I would like to know and Peter of course does not say is whether or not these two Republicans were in fact GOP Challengers who at the last minute became actual poll workers. This was the case in Ward 26 where a GOP hack tried to do both jobs of being a poll worker and prevent Democrats from voting. That episode seemed to just pass Peter by, even though it was reported online by his newspaper. I guess voter intimidation is not something he cares about, just white "poll workers" being intimidated by what he claimed were Democrats, drunks, and mentally challenged people. All three titles in Peter's mind I am sure are interchangeable, at least as much Republican, racist, and theocrat are interchangeable.

Why didn't Bronson mention the paranoid poll workers on the east side who thought they were being stalked and called the cops, only to find that the Kerry campaign people where following the ballot boxes to make sure they got to the BOE? This actually, after fact, was a funny story, not in the least because I know several of the campaign people who were there when the cops were called. Stephanie Dunlop's article gives a good account of the misplaced fear people had on election night.

What Bronson missed most was what most suburban whites miss, the realization that if a Democratic black person from Walnut Hills was assigned as a poll worker to work in West Chester or Mason, then they would likely have had far worse stories of intimidation from white voters or other poll workers that from their perspective would be just as negative, but maybe also overstated as Bronson’s tale of woe appears to be to me.

UPDATE: The story involving Ward 26 was incorrect. The story I remember is here and it is about the same precinct Bronson is referring to. I shall post a new post to except the story and show how Bronson should not just accept a Republican's word for it.

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