Monday, November 29, 2004

Be the News, CNN the News

Via MediaBistro we find Steve Safran on Saving CNN. Now, CNN is not in any danger, but I agree it needs to get better. He sums up the bottom line well:
- DO NOT TRY TO BE FOX NEWS: FOX found a niche. Love 'em, hate 'em - whatever. Don't copy its model. FOX is really more of a talk channel than a news channel anyway. Don't think about being the "lefty" news to its "righty" news. (And ignore the chumps who will say you're lefty no matter what.) Stick with down-the-middle journalism, peppered with informed opinion (not "Crossfire" arguing), sharp, unconventional analysis, and non-hysterical coverage of breaking news. And keep a sense of humor at all times. I promise you'll win.
I can't stand FOX in part because I find it biased, but also because it is trashy TV, just talk radio with video. CNN needs to cover the news the world round. Let FOX become infotainment central. Return to the day when news was what they programmed, not tabloid fodder. The problem is that they have to go oversees. I think the market is there. Their current coverage of the Ukraine's election aftermath has been decent. CNN should match the BBC in how it covers the world. It should build its brand and market it inside the USA.

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