Sunday, November 07, 2004

CiN Weekly Blog

Well, Well, Well, how should I react to this? At this point it is lighter than their normal magazine and to my surprise a real blog, not like the other filtered blogs the Enquirer has tried at the Olympics. This one actually accepts comments, which I am surprised they are doing and once I have linked to it I wonder how many of my trolls they will get making things over there a mess. Sorry if that happens.

They also have a filtered kind of blogger for a day section with readers posting mini-editorials.

The whole thing is packaged at their new hub of reader feed back.

The format of the blog is ok. One point I did not like was date was a bit small for my taste, which from my point of view tells me if their blog is up to date. The other really, really big thing missing is a BLOGROLL. The concept of interaction with other blogs or websites has not yet caught on totally. That is a mainstay of most all other blogs, but it also is something that does happens at a "professional blog" like this one, which I am sure is laden with some level of rules on content, posting, linking, excerpting, and political views.

Content wise I expect maybe a little more depth than the print version of the paper, which keeps things way to short, but I expect little actual political commentary to surface. Whether they are forbidden from doing so or just don't want to, I don't know, but I expect more personal anecdotes than personal stances on issues facing the city, state or country.

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