Sunday, February 22, 2004

How To Come Across as a Right Wing Crusader

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a speech with in the last couple of days were he called for the Mayor of San Francisco to comply with the law and stop issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. I have no problem with Arnold doing this. It is after all the law and it is his duty to enforce the laws of the State of California. The problem is with how he is doing it. He could have given a solemn speech where he either pushed for civil unions, something he supports, or just made it a dry enforcement of the law. Instead, Arnold made it a political speech where a crowd cheered him for saying he was going to come down hard on San Francisco for what it is doing:
Schwarzenegger told a cheering crowd at the state GOP convention that "in San Francisco, the courts are dropping the ball."

"It's time for the city to stop traveling down this dangerous path of ignoring the rule of law. That's my message to San Francisco," he said Friday night.
Arnold chose the GOP State Convention to rally the troops against Gay Marriage like it was his new crusade against those horrible gays that he would prefer to do his hair, but not try and get married or anything. He can't have "them" be like everyone else, now can he?

Arnold should have given a speech from the State Capital and made it as the Governor enforcing the law. Instead he gave to a bunch of Republicans who CHEERED him for doing this. Now, I am sure some will now say, "but they should cheer him for doing his duty!" Sorry, no, they should not, unless of course they like keeping homosexuals as second class citizens, which those who cheered I think like. When a police officer arrests a man for murdering the person who caused the death of the man's child, no one cheers the officer. The officer is doing his duty. The only ones who might cheer are the family of the person who caused the child's death. Why would they feel the need to cheer? Why would they cheer a cop doing something most would wish he did not have to do, but the law is the law.

Arnold could have used a little less glee in his enforcement of shutting out gays from marriage. The cheers make those Republicans sound like bigots, which I would bet they are. Yep, I called someone else a bigot! Better start complaining that I called a duck a duck.

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