Saturday, February 28, 2004

Speaking of Religion

Gina Daugherty of CinWeekly reports about Brendon Cull, press secretary for Mayor Charlie Luken becoming a "minister" in the Universal Life Church.
Brendon Cull, press secretary for Mayor Charlie Luken, became a minister through the Universal Life Church online earlier this year so he can officiate at his sister's wedding this fall.

But Rev. Cull didn't just opt for the freebie ordination - he spent a few bucks to get the certificate, laminated card, sticker for his window and - drum roll - a parking pass with "Minister" on it.

"That's my favorite," Rev. Cull says. "And it's fun in social occasions to whip out my minister card - it's come out on more than a few occasions. But it's not worked as a pick-up line yet."
Does Brendon's religion allow Gay Marriages?

If it is this "easy" to become someone who can officiate a wedding, then I have to ask, what really is the big deal about Gay Marriage? Why are we letting the right wing theocrats push their religion on every one else?

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