Saturday, February 28, 2004

Gun Nut on Stephen Hill

Ok, the Conceal and Carry law has passed here in Ohio, something I disagree with. At this point, the law is the law. For some reason someone, ID of "cbaus", at, is beating on reporters and citing Stephen Hill. I have to ask, what the hell does Stephen Hill have to do with gun laws? Why is this guy attacking reporters? I know conservatives bitch about the "liberal media," but this guy is going nuts, all in the cause of privacy. He does not want gun owners to have to face a background check for guns. He is pissed the media can investigate who is applying for a C&C permit. What I have to ask, "Can we trust Truck Drivers with Guns?" I mean when an out of work truck driver breaks into a Truck company and kills people, that "shows" that we can't trust truck drivers. What an ass. Give your freaking gun obsession a rest. You "won." Take your victory lap and shut the hell up. If you want to attack the media, then do it with a little class. Cite some examples of reporters doing something that conflicts with your gun rights positions, and then link to it. That is all it takes. Exploiting a child abuse case to further your need to quell your fears is disgusting.

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