Monday, February 16, 2004

Portman for Higher Office?

Carl Weiser of the Enquirer insinuates that Congressman Rob Portman's fundraiser with George Bush the Elder this week could be a foundation builder for a run at higher office. Senator, Governor, President????? Portman is a good politician, who fits into the mainstream GOP well, but does not goose-step like Steve Chabot. That makes him more marketable in the State and the Country. He can do this, unlike Chabot, because his district is as safe as anyone's, freeing him up to work on Pension reform, a more innocuous issue that does not push many partisan buttons.

Portman is one who could be Ohio Senator if DeWine steps down. I would not be surprised to seem him run for that seat in the future, but I think Portman has the Presidential bug.

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