Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Correcting Conservatives

In a letter to the Enquirer a neighbor of mine wrote:
Borgman cartoon was a cheap shot

Once again, Jim Borgman flies his flag with a cheap shot.

The illustration (Feb. 11) of Sen. John Kerry in uniform and medals versus President Bush in uniform with a beer medal is typical Borgman.

I don't recall in 1991 the same scene with ex-president Bush in uniform and medals versus Borgman's man Bill Clinton the draft dodger and his conquests.

An illustration of Kerry and his many faces would be interesting.

Edward Mohr, Mount Washington
Mr. Mohr should rethink his timing. In 1991 no one thought Bill Clinton was going to be nominated for President, let alone win. If you had put 1992 in your situation might have been reasonable. What you seem to forget was the HUGE flack Clinton got. He was called a draft dodger by every fire-breathing Conservative out there. Now we get Bush, who unlike his father, pulled strings to get into the National Guard. I would have done the same, so I don't personally mind that fact. What I do mind is Bush prancing around on an aircraft carrier like he was his father, who was a war hero. I don't hear many conservatives complaining about Bush's less than stellar military career.

Oh, Borgman is not being inconsistent, he is being Ironic.

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