Thursday, February 12, 2004

Say it With Me: Peter Bronson is a Bigot

Ok, I am throwing around the word again, which I am sure will rile up the conservatives, but Bronson's latest column is nothing but a one sided "keep the anti-gay amendment in place" article. This column really is meaningless. Bronson tries to say, why bother? Well, Peter, WHY BOTHER? All he said was that it was political suicide somehow because the issue one 11 years ago because people believed the Phil Burress slogan of "Equal Rights, Not Special Rights," one of the best manipulation of ballot issues I have ever seen.

Bronson, if you oppose the repeal, tell me why homosexuals should be discriminated against. Come right out and sing your anti-homosexual tune. When you start singing to repeal the hate crimes ordinance that protects people based on religion, then maybe you could argue a principled position, until then your bigotry is clear as Stained Glass.

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