Thursday, February 19, 2004

Now and Then With Peter Bronson

Then: 1998:
The president who has done everything from Waco to Filegate "for the children" is now the one president we can't stand to even talk about with our children.
And here's one that gives me the creeps:

The president who lied to us, insulted our White House and demeaned his office has the gall to tell us what is "the right thing to do" -- staying in office, of course. And he has enlisted ministers to sermonize about forgiving him, so we can all move on.

I get squeamish stirring politics with faith. I'm certainly no preacher. But Bill Clinton dared us to judge him. And that troubled me. I searched my soul. I asked other Christians I respect. I studied the Bible. And finally, I agreed with Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who says that Mr. Clinton's most serious sin may not be violating the commandments against adultery and bearing false witness; it's the one against taking the Lord's name in vain.
And Now:
The rest of the story falls into the "strictly personal'' file. I can't speak for everyone in the press, but mucking around in private lives gives me the creeps - unless it's unavoidable.

I know, I know: Fanatic Clintonistas still insist he was impeached for moral misdemeanors that were "only about sex.'' But that's fiction from the Bill Clinton library. He obstructed justice and lied under oath. His own reckless stupidity forced even his friends to cover Wild Bill's Scandal Outlet.

And let's face it, there are two sets of rules. Most of the press had no problem ignoring a rumor about Democrat John Kerry's "intern scandal." That turned out to be bogus anyway. But the slimy accusation that President Bush was AWOL from the National Guard was just as bogus - and big media recycled that sack of dirt in breathless headlines for a month.
So let me get this straight. Clinton was horrible for lying to "us." Hmmm, I have to wonder why Bush's lied to me, I use the first person because that is how I feel about it. How is Bush's lies about why we went to war are so forgive able. Why has Bush "enlisted ministers to sermonize about forgiving him, so we can all move on?" Why does Bronson seem to want to avoid the obvious, Bush lied about WMD. He lied about the level of threat from Iraq to make the USA think going to war could not wait. Bush claimed we had not other choice but to go to war. That was, as we now know, was wrong. It was not wrong because Bush was given bad info, it was wrong because he knowingly knew that Iraq was not going to hit the USA in the next year, let alone the next 10 years.

I agree with Bronson on keeping personal lives personal unless they affect the office. Clinton's personal life would have stayed person if Clinton's enemies had not tried to set him up and force him to "lie" about that personal life that should have been left personal.

Bush's past service is fair game. His less than stellar service would be used to tar and feather any Democrat who sent the military into battle. Bush's service in the National Guard has holes that are wide and unaccounted. We went to war over WMD's being unaccounted, so I see no problem with the Press dipping into Bush's past. They seem to be whimping out because bush pulled a document drop on them, classic move for a guilty man. Kevin Drum has a round up of facts and has a report that Bush's witness's credibility is losing credibility by the second.

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