Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Local 12

Rick Bird writes about WKRC’s change in marketing of their local news programming. Bird speculates what the other local stations might say:
Of course, the news directors at Local 5, Local 9, Local 19 and now Local 64 would probably say, "Hey, that's what we do too -- cover local news." So, does the phrase mean Local 12 is planning some new and bold way to cover local news? Not necessarily.
If the local TV news outlets want to get back into the business of covering local news, then I have a few suggestions.

1. Don't waste time on national news wire reports. If the national news not at least regionally relevant, let the Network cover it.
2. Stop running stories about Flordia Child Abductions and try and tie it locally through fear mongering..."Is your child safe when you go to the store?" A non-locally related story with "footage" will make the local TV news even though it took place 1,000 miles away.
3. Report information, don't just get video of something and pretend looking at it is news.
4. STOP TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE!!! (see #2 for example)

Local TV news is nothing much beyond the Superbowl Half Time Show. It is meant for the person who can't find the time to read the headlines of the newspaper, but can watch Inside Edition while they tape Oprah.

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