Monday, February 16, 2004

Dowlin Get's Ugly

John Dowlin hit the gutter in his campaign against Pat DeWine. Dowlin raises questions regarding the Convergys deal and DeWine's interests in it:
"There are serious questions about Pat DeWine.

Pat DeWine was a deciding vote in a multimillion dollar taxpayer funded deal.

First, DeWine opposed a tax break for Convergys, calling it a horrible deal.

Then, DeWine voted for it after his own political advisor was hired as a lobbyist by Convergys.

What happened next was shocking.

DeWine left his wife and children for the Convergys lobbyist, whose company received the tax breaks DeWine supported.

Pat DeWine; conflict of interest. Shameful Conduct."
DeWine claims the allegations are false and plans to file a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission. Media reports indicate that the woman in question is Betty Hull.

Oh the humanity. Oh the desperation of Dowlin.

UPDATE: Enquirer's Story.

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