Monday, February 16, 2004

Silly French Canandains Part Deux

First a boob gets American politicians in a hissy, now Conan O'Brien's is still pissing off Canadian politicians, who can go toe to toe with us Americans in the art of grandstanding.

Toronto Businessman Peter Soumalias summed up the issue with what I think to most people states the obivious:
'It's a silly puppet that tells silly jokes,' Soumalias said. 'Most people find it funny.'"
Was Triumph an agent provocateur? I guess Conan will not get carte blanche on his next trip to Quebec. I thought Conan was fairly chic for a late night show, but will this be a coup de grâce to his career? Conan pulled a great coup d'état when he took over after Letterman left NBC. I thought he was the crème de la crème, but only time will tell.

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