Wednesday, February 04, 2004

CityBeat's Blade Goes Before Council

Leslie Blade was questioned before the City Council Law Committee. According to the article she answered all but two questions from Councilman Chris Smitherman, but did not add much beyond what was reported in her December article.

The quotes from councilmen were priceless:
"This was the definition of silly," said Republican Pat DeWine. "If the council member had taken the time to read the story, he would have gotten the same information we did today. This is not a way to run a government, and I'm embarrassed to be part of this government today."
I say Smither, you say Man: Smither-man, G-Man.

Pepper had more too:
"We have, as a city, a pretty poor record when it comes to the First Amendment," said Pepper, a Democrat. "You could probably write a book filled with cases of 'City of Cincinnati v. Someone' with all the First Amendment cases we've screwed up."
I am happy David supports the 1st amendment. I have to wonder, what other First Amendment cases has the city screwed up? I assume he means Free Speech/Right to Assembly cases, not Freedom of the Press issues. If I am wrong, I hope those issue come to light.

The subpoena of Leslie Blade was a waste of time. Smitherman?s rookie excuse is running thin. He needs to get results if he is going to shoot from the hip.

UPDATE: The Post has more.

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