Saturday, February 28, 2004

Thought Police: Just the Facts Ma’am

Ok, where are all of the conservatives who get pissed off every time a leftist wants them to stop using "Redskins" or "Indians" to describe a sports team going to take a full bore stand against the out right theocratic fascism (yet I said it again) of Phil Burress and the CCV?

Now, everyone knows that Clear Channel has nothing to fear from the current FCC commissioner or the current President, after all Rush Limbaugh is a Clear Channel man. It is interesting that we have not heard much about this on WLW, but I guess they want it to just go away.

On the other hand, this situation sounds like it was taken right from the plot of the 1987 version of Dragnet, where an anti-porn preacher conspired with a pornographer to push each other's causes by orchestrating a theft and a controversy. Now, I don?t see any theft, other than of my freedom, but controversy, yes that is what we have.

What strikes me as funny though, is that Burress is not mounting a campaign against Howard Stern. I have heard WEBN and its morning show and I have heard Stern's morning show, both show compete locally. Stern is 100 times "worse" than the Dawn Patrol. So, Clear Channel dumps on Stern, and then the next day CCV attack WEBN. The target market for WEBN would find Phil Burress to be a nutty prude (some might even call him a fascist as well). It is laying out like a passion play.

Side note: I have to raise one problem with Rick Bird's article. Rick failed to mention in the article that he used to work for WEBN and specifically was part of the Dawn Patrol. Rick should have made that admission in the story. I don't think the story is totally tainted, it says the facts as I think they are, but it does give fuel to the CCV to claim that this story is "biased" because of Bird's relationship to the story. CCV, in a rare case, may have a point. The Post should have given this story to someone else, or at least added a co-writer who could have gotten more of the CCV viewpoint. After all, nothing makes the CCV sound worse then when they keep talking about their bigotry and theocratic movement to bring about Christian Fascism.

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