Monday, February 16, 2004

Local Passion

WCPO reports on 'local' reaction to Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion." The article does not really report reaction to the movie; it reports what people who are promoting the movie are saying. Where's the local Jewish viewpoint? You walk 10 feet in the local media without stepping on a Catholic touchy feely story.

I was laughing at this quote:
"The message to Hollywood is we want movies like this and we want to see historical truth brought to the big screen," Giroux said.
You can call it religious truth, but to try and say, with a straight face, that biblical stories are 'historical truth' is really just wrong. There is some "historical" fact in the bible, but to say "The Passion" is historical truth is a misnomer. It is not history; it is religion. It might be "true" religion to a particular sect of Christianity, but clearly it is not factually to many Jews, non-Christians, and even various sects of Christianity.

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