Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Traffic Tickets Are People Too

An FBI agent testified in court that LaShawn Pettus-Brown sometime over the last year paid off a Cincinnati Traffic Ticket. I guess he could either find the City Hall mailing address or the City’s website, but could not find a phone number to call and say why he had not done anything about the near $200K he wasted away. Will he have any defense at all?

His lawyer seems to want to blame the city:
Pettus-Brown's lawyer, Kenneth Lawson, said his client did nothing wrong and should be freed from jail. He said mismanagement by Cincinnati city officials was the real reason the theater project collapsed.
It is amazing what a Lawyer will try and claim to try and get a client off. Lawson would try and claim the Ohio River was running with Vodka, if it could help a client.

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