Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Convergys and Betty Hull Sitting in a Tree

Greg Korte writes City Council lobbyists requirement to file an annual registration statement. He reports that:
Marie Gemelli-Carroll of Communications in the Public Interest, Louise Hughes of Procter & Gamble, Lynn Marmer of the Kroger Co., Doug Moorman of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Victor A. Needham of Cinergy Corp.
Greg points out that no lobbyist from Convergys filed a statement. That refers to John Dowlin's recent commercial suggesting that Pat DeWine was or is dating a lobbyist for Convergys, namely Betty Hull. DeWine's campaign has denied that Hull was a lobbyist for Convergys.

Perplexing situation. Shouldn't it be easy to determine who was a lobbyist or not? Couldn't the city subpoena Convergys and find out? Will the City do so?

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