Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Article XII Repeal

Here we go! I am hopeful that the folks at www.citizenstorestorefairness.org can defeat the bigots working with the local bigot in chief Phil Burress, who seems to care about laws in the City of Cincinnati, but does not even live inside the city. I guess we have to many of "them" here.

I am unsure what will happen with this effort. It depends on the media and money. If Phil Burress has the money, he might be able to spew his bigotry enough to get homophobia running in the religious communities. If the media gives him or other national bigots to sound off their bigotry unchallenged, then the same might be achieved. If the anti-article XII group has enough money, they might make it with a good margin. If this was a Hamilton County issue, the anti-homosexual provision would stay. Anti-homosexual bigotry in this area is strong and growing. It is not always overt, but keeping gays down is a idiotic fear of many ignorant people.

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