Friday, February 06, 2004

Taft to Support Bigoted DOMA

The Enquirer is reporting Taft will sign the anti-gay and anti-gay marriage law.

Kudos to Miami U's President for coming out to show how this law will hurt Ohio:
Miami University President James C. Garland said Taft's signature on the law would hurt his efforts to recruit new professors.

"Based on our experience, I am concerned that many prospective faculty members will pass over job positions in Ohio, because of this legislation," Garland wrote.
Taft will not listen. Anti-homosexual bigotry is becoming a new litmus test for the GOP. Abortion is the GOP's third rail, but being anti-homosexual is a close second.

The Dems have a better record, but there are many who, like Bill Clinton, caved into pressure from religious groups to legalize bigotry.

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