Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Old School

Peter Bronson quipped in his column:
I guess I am hopelessly old school. As I watched I began to wonder if those Islamic mullahs have a good point about American decadence.
Hmmm. Well, If by old school you mean a reactionary who wishes to live like it is 1702, where woman knew their place, kids were seen and not heard, and where a man could kill another man without out fear of worrying about the pesky courts, as long as he was killing a man corrupted by the "devil." If that is what you mean Peter, then yes, you are "old school." Peter who hates government, seems to want government out there to keep the adult world away from kids. I seem to remember someone who normally protects kids. Now, who lives with kids who could possibly be there to keep kids out of harm? Hmmm, well could the kid's parents maybe be responsible for protecting them? Could it be up to parents, Peter? Could parents just turn off the TV? Could prudes like you Peter not make this a big deal? You are giving Janet Jackson what she wanted, attention.

Also, what is with the crack calling Kid Rock stupid? I thought Conservatives were above name-calling? I guess Peter is just like the rest of us.

As a side note, I think I see why CBS did not want to air the moveon.org commercial: competition. If you are planning a media controversy, what would you let another controversy get in your way?

Locally Sadgirlseven comments on the FCC's over-reaction to this. Sledge comments as well.

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