Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Luken: State of the City

The Enquirer has the full text of his speech. The Repeal Article XII section reads:
There is something else hanging over our heads in Cincinnati.

It's called Article XII. It was passed by Cincinnati voters in 1994.

In my view, it singles out one category of citizens for unfair and discriminatory treatment, and it should be repealed in 2004!

Article XII has cost the city millions of dollars, of that there can be no denial. The repeal of Article XII is about more than money, though.

It stands as a symbol that Cincinnati is willing to tolerate discrimination for one class of our citizens.

Article XII was passed after an expensive and slick campaign that, I think, misled voters about what was at issue. What is at issue now, as then, is discrimination, pure and simple.

I do not believe that Cincinnatians want to discriminate against any citizen, and that includes our gay and lesbian citizens.

I ask you, and every Cincinnatian to join me today and sign your self up for the campaign that is coming in November - to repeal Article XII!
Korte also has an article on Luken's stance.

I have to laugh at the NON-CITY RESIDENT Phil Burress bitching about the movement to keep bigots like him from discriminated against homosexuals:
"No one's entitled to special rights based on private sexual behavior," said Phil Burress, chairman of the Equal Rights, Not Special Rights coalition that drafted the amendment.
Phil, you are an ignorant boob. You are protected under the law with your sexual behavior, why not anyone? But, that is not even the real point. Sexual behavior is not the issue. Sexual behavior is Phil obsession and his biggest fear. The real issue is sexual orientation, and the fact that it is a natural occurrence. If Phil wants to remove all discrimination protections, then his argument might be one based on bigotry.

What was really perplexing was the statement in the article
Burress said current civil rights laws protect homosexuals against discrimination.
This is not a direct quote of Burress, but I have to ask, what civil rights laws protect homosexuals against discrimination for being homosexual???? If that was true Phil, Article XII would be trumped by either State or Federal law. Gay rights are not something homosexuals possess, they still are fighting for equal treatment. The bigotry of many in public office has been opposing those rights and people like Burress are egging on the bigotry.

Yes, I said bigotry a lot. Is there a better word for why DOMA was passed or why sexual orientation discrimination was allowed to continue, but not religion, race, or nationality?

UPDATE: A bit of a shock, the Cincinnati Enquirer's editoral reads, "Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken was right to raise the issue of repealing Article XII in his State of the City speech Monday," that is a surprise. I would have guessed they would have not pushed that issue.

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