Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Hate Mail?

Ok, Jack Klinger gets a puff piece in the Enquirer and gets some "hate" emails and he is pissed? Why? He lists these comments as examples of "hateful" comments:
"You are EVIL!"

"You are a racist, sexist, nationalist bigot!"

"May the sweet Baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind!"
If Jack thinks this is hateful, he might want to read the emails Margaret Cho got after an incomplete transcript of her appearance at a moveon.org was published online by Matt Druge. One more mild example
Shut your disgusting face, you loser. You have some nerve coming to America, denouncing us, and making your fortune.

Go home you freakin Asian scum.
Now, that is hate email, and that was by far not the worst she got. Cho by the way was born in the USA.

Now, Jack said he got a lot worse than what he printed, which is unfortunate that anyone had to put up with uneducated idiots, but the examples he listed were not bad at all. Also, it is really not far to use those as an excuse to try and tar and feather all liberals. I make some general examples on sections of conservatives who hold specific beliefs I find wrong or offensive, but I don't try and tie personal demeanor to political ideology. That linkage is without merit.

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