Thursday, December 11, 2003

Fluff Jackpot!

The Enquirer hit the jackpot with a joint interview of all of the singles on City Council. To use a remote line from SNL: "Who were the ad wizards who came up with this one?"

I appreciate the attention to single people, but could they have maybe instead picked other people to talk to, or better yet, focused an interview with city officials to real issues, not this "Real Life, Real News, Real Crap" stuff?

I have to credit Pepper with a good answer on the state of single life here in the city, especially those who are not from the area:
I disagree with John a little bit. I think it's maybe not as bad as 39th out of 40 ... But of people I know here, especially ones who aren't from here, their social existence really revolves around their workplace. If socially you don't get beyond your workplace much, people think (the singles scene) is pretty stagnant.

We as a community need to figure out how to get different sectors and groups to mix together in a more natural way than they do today.
Sam Malone really needs to get a life. His ideas of fun seem to be limited to the movies and going to a a Gameworks. I think we have enough glorified sports bars around town to meet demand.

[Link via Reader: Stacey]

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