Monday, December 08, 2003

Local GOPer's Pissed at Bush

Carl Weiser writes that a slew of local Cincinnati area Republicans are pissed at Bush. Ohio Rep. Tom Brinkman, Chris Finney vice chairman of COAST, Jim Urling, COAST chairman, Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich, and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence all have varying levels of anger with Bush fiscal policies. Whether it is Steel Tariffs, Medicare Drug Plans, or the No Child Left Behind law conservatives think Bush has abandoned their cause. Will this keep them from voting for them? Pence and Heimlich seem to be less than enthused with Bush:
Pence and Heimlich say they will vote for Bush because the Democratic alternative would be even worse. But the worry isn't Republicans voting for the Democrat. It's Republicans staying home.
Urling even calls Bush a "fraud." Does that make him anti-American? In a time of war, has Urling committed treason? Where's Ann Coulter? Call the National Guard and lets round them up!

How dare they show division in the GOP ranks! Regan's commandment be damned I guess. Thou shalt speak ill of a fellow Republican, when money is involved.

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