Friday, December 05, 2003

Amazing Fiction

If you want to most amazing "commentary" that I have read, check out this one from Kenya. I have never read a column so incredibly wrong and fill of falsehoods, misinformation, and what might be lies. The article is by AMBROSE MURUNGA of the newspaper the Daily Nation. This article reads like Mr. Murunga got an eleventh hand oral account of what happened, and did nothing to check the thousands of international news stories on the subject to get basic facts correct. He thinks Mr. Jones was "drunk" and that police "apparently made an offensive remark to the drunken man." The man somehow quotes Charlie Luken from an Enquirer article, but fails to read the part of the article that indicates the man was on drugs, not drunk.

The World Socialist Website had a similar level of fiction in Jerry Isaacs's article as well. This article to me has what could be called libel problems. What lies people tell. I am never more amazed when anyone (in this case socialists) cries for truth but in doing so gives us propaganda at its worst.

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