Sunday, December 14, 2003


Shorter Glenn Reynolds: In your face everyone who did not favor my hawkish stance on Iraq!

What an asshole. Now, I say that knowing full well that I piss people off, but most of the time I try to limit the scope of who I attack to a specific group or specific person. Here the 800-pound gorilla sounds like a jerk. A partisan hack of the Coulter vein. Why can't he just cheer for his side without trying to rub it in the face of people? I find it offense that Glenn, arguably and educated man, lumps people together just like a GOP partisan hack. He does it at a time that everyone is glad to Saddam caught alive. Now, Glenn might be pissed that the troops did not drag his dead body in the streets of Baghdad, but you can't quell blood lust via long distance. If Glenn wants revenge, he better hop on a plane and kill his own Arab with his bare hands.

Off the blogroll he goes!

For the record, just so my conservative readers don't try and tar and feather me: SADDAM IS DEAD, HIP-HIP HOORAY!

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