Friday, December 19, 2003

Enquirer Editorial Page Sees the Light

They ran an editorial page today praising Miami's football team and saying they should have been in a BCS bowl. I agree with them. They call for the NCAA to scrap the BSC system and go to a playoff. I agree with them there too.

Here is the problem. The Enquirer is located about an hour and some change drive from Yeagar stadium. It is a longer drive on game days. The sport page for the Enquirer provides a story before and after every game for the Football and the basketball team. That is all the boosting that occurs. There are the occasion story on Miami players or coaches that happend this year, which were much appreciated. This year the team was really good, so it figures more coverage would follow.

In normal years, Miami has to fight for space in the paper not with UC, which logically should be the main school the Enquirer follows, but with OSU and UK. That is a slap in the face. There are thousands of Miami Alumni in the Cincinnati Area. They are among the most influential people in the community. It would be beneficial to Miami and I think in earning more readerships if the Enquirer sports page would treat Miami better than it does, send a full time reporter to the games, send a photographer. Treat Miami like the 1A program that it is. Now, in comparison, the Local TV news is horrid. They give more coverage to the Elder football program than to Miami.

I beat the local media on this issue all the time. I think I will keep it up. I think that this game got great coverage from the Enquirer. I just think at least half of that coverage should be there for every Miami game, and for that matter every UC game. The Miami-UC football game should be given the same level of hype as the UC-Xavier basketball game. That may be asking for a lot, but they never happen on the same day, I think there will be room.

Rest of the Coverage from the Enquirer: Daugherty column, Ben's statement, Coach's comments and the game summary.

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