Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Vice Mayor Alicia Reece: Get Over the Whine!

Alicia Reece is pissed SHE was not given information about the Jones death before the media got it. SHE sent this Memo around earlier today and at the Council Meeting today SHE came down heavy on the City Manager and the Police Chief because SHE was out of the loop. SHE needs to be informed about what was going on. SHE had to field "calls from civil rights leaders, African American elected officials, and other leaders from all over the country, " and SHE did not have the information SHE needed to inform those that called HER.

I am so pleased to see a Vice-Mayor so concerned about police issues that SHE wrote this memo. After all everyone knows what an important person SHE is in this city and how SHE adds to debate of council. What on Earth would we do without HER.

SHE sure knows how to drive someone to tears too.

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