Monday, December 29, 2003


This article brings great news for Columbia-Tusculum. A revitalized area along Columbia Parkway would be great. What sucks is that this means the East Side of town will get stuck in Traffic again. Columbia Parkway was just tore up for a sewer/drainage project and resurfaced. Now it will be torn up again for this project. The traffic will suck, again. I also wonder what this new "Columbia Square" will do to Parkway traffic. Will it become clogged with shoppers and diners? I love business expansion in the city, but we also need something to help with East Side Traffic woes. We have very few ways to get downtown. We don't have 75 to go down if 71 is backed up. I hope someone thinks about traffic this time, unlike when they had construction on Beechmont and Columbia Parkway at the same time.

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