Friday, December 05, 2003

Hipster Friendly Radio Free Newport: We're All Racists

I see Michael at RFN thinks this is a "racist town run by Klan apologists." I guess I missed the memo that the "Klan" had a million local sympathizers. Or is it a million local members?

This town is run by right-wingers. This town is run by religious bigots. This town is run by anti-gay bigots. This town is run by cultural bigots (which everyone is in reality). This town is not run by racists. Most people are not racists. Michael sounds more racist than Peter Bronson. He says that the whites in the town (mostly "those" Catholic Germans) oppress minorities. I love hyperbole. I live and die by it in my blogging, but I can't stand to see this type of fiction played off as anything resembling credible.

Speaking as a liberal: it is not wrong to be of European decent. Western Civilization is not bad. We don't have a caste system in this city oppressing anyone. That would be a Marxist view that if you believe it would be true throughout the country, making this city no worse than anywhere else.

By the way, before anyone starts spewing off on what a liberal is, please don't go into the trite us vs. them construct of linear political ideologies.

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