Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Student "Protest"

Well, initial reports from WLW at 12:00 indicated that no protest was going on. At 12:30 WLW reports only 4 kids who were "regular" protestors at other prior rallies.

This sounds like PR coup. For what ever reason this story made the local news today. I would say they did nearly everything but just ask the kids to go down so they could have a hot story.

Coverage: Cincinanti Post, WCPO.

UPDATE: While eating lunch I saw the group walk towards city hall at around 12:50 or so. I would guess there were 25 to 30 young people. I don't know if they were high school or college age. There were also 10 to 20 over 25-year-old adults, including Damon Lynch.

Of the "kids" I would estimate that at least half if not more like 75% were "white."

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