Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Media Scum

Well, this is how you scare people into watching your local TV news. Put fear into the minds of parents of young children and they will do what ever it takes to "save" them.

Add in a picture of a young child that died from the flu and you have a full fledged community wide panic.

This is why the media, local TV news mainly, are scum. This will be the lead story for the rest of the week. It is sad that any child dies, but face facts, kids die often at Children’s Hospital. When a kid dies of cancer, where is the lead story pumping up the public to do something about cancer? Well, that is not really news either. It would be great drama. That is what local TV wants far more than news. If they want drama, why not just run ER reruns at 5:00 PM instead of useless health reports that reverse positions every six months?

UPDATE: The real local ER's are feeling the panic.

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