Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Media Still Missing the Boat on WMD

It takes Diane Sawyer, queen of the celebrity interview, to actually push Bush on not finding any WMD in Iraq? To no one’s surprise this fact gets little play in the news. The fate of Saddam is the hot news. Bush dodging the questions and not answering the basic facts that his Administration said Iraq possessed WMD (the actual weapons), but none have been found, this is not getting much attention. That would seem to be news to me. That would seem to be huge news of either bad intelligence (which is their fall back spin) or just purely misleading the country on why we went to war.

I seriously hope that which ever Democrat faces Bush in a debate next fall beats that issue into the ground and refuses to let his spin go by. I can see Dean doing that easy. I don't know yet if Dean is the best Democrat to be President or not. I am glad I am not part of a political party. I don't want to have to pick from the 9.

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