Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Jess Jackson on Cincinnati: Lots of Ham

The usual sentiments? Yes. There are too many elements to criticize in this column. Mr. Jackson makes a slightly toned down version of the recurring dogma, 18 black men killed.....what if it was a white man.....97 second gap. This type of unified propaganda rivals that of the GOP. How does the same story get around? The same way it does in the GOP, talking points. An email or a FAX, or a telephone call with the same set of facts that are used to spin the media. It is textbook political spin. The Dems did it for Clinton, the GOP are the kings of it for their deities Reagan and Bush.

Unfortunately Mr. Jackson gets several key facts wrong from his nice home in Chicago. He might do well if he stepped back from the emotional propaganda and look objectively at what is happening here.

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