Wednesday, December 17, 2003

City Council Shuffling

The Post is reporting that if John Cranley ran against John Dowlin for Hamilton County Commissioner, he would win. The Post story strongly indicates that Cranley could announce a run soon. Pat DeWine is also thinking about running. Who then steps up to take seats on Council?

In the GOP one might think Monzel would get the nod as a previous councilman, but he is also considering running for County Commission. I would bet Leslie Ghiz should get to fill out DeWine's seat if he were to leave for Commission. She got the next most votes for office of any Republican.

On the Dems side I have no idea. Bond and Britton were the other two people on the ballot this year, but they had no fire in their bellies. I see no one else on the bench for the Dems with any public record of accomplishment to rest on. Would they consider trying to recruit Damon Lynch? I don't think they would, but one never knows.

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