Tuesday, December 16, 2003

More Bronson, More is Missing

Now, I am shocked that in his latest column Peter Bronson did not take the opportunity, like many of his conservative comrades, to do a victory dance of taunts towards Democrats and liberals. Instead he takes a swipe at France, Arab TV stations, and the general anti-war movement.

What Mr. Bronson misses is a key fact about the issue of Mass Graves and crimes against humanity that he wants Saddam Hussein to face charges in a court of law.

When did most of these crimes take place? Ok, Gassing Iranian troops? In the 1980's. Gassing the Kurds in Iraq? In I think 1988 (or 1987?). The timing of most of mass graves? The vast majority of the people in mass graves are the Shiites and Kurds who dies after their uprisings in 1991.

Now, who has no right to use these issues as a political football, at least a credible or non-hypocritical argument? If you said George Bush and the GOP, then you would be right. Why do I say this? Why do I say it without a thought of the "good" Bush has done here? Simple, look and see who turned a blind eye to Iraq's use of chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war, why that was the Reagan administration of course. Who did nothing when Saddam used WMD on the Kurds in his own country? Reagan again. Who let thousands of Shiite and Kurdish fighters get slaughtered in 1991? Well, that would have been George Bush the elder of course. His administration encouraged the rebellion and then let people get slaughtered when we refused to provide any significant assistance.

Now, Peter Bronson and company want to use avenging these horrid acts by Saddam as their reasoning for going after Saddam. WMD has once again been forgotten. Where is the report on what we have found so far? Anyone read that? Is it available?

If defeating tyrants is such a great feat, why didn't the GOP lead the fight to depose Milosevic in the Kosovo War? Instead they dragged their feet and wanted nothing to do with it, not even when we won. General Clark is even now testifying against Slobodan in a war crimes trial as I type, but his actions in the Kosovo War are being attacked by his military rivals and the GOP.

I find it so disgusting to see this kind of selective reasoning go on, and then part of the selectivity is to point out the other side's selectivity. (Yes, I know you can use that against me to a point too.)

I hoped that people would not use the war for politics. I wish the GOP would not lie about not using it as such themselves. They will surely blame every critic of the war of political grandstanding, but every commercial touting the win in Iraq next year will be just as exploitive of the over 458 (and counting) dead Americans. If anyone using winning a war as a means to win an election and then turn around and claim to care about people, then I really want to vomit. I predict I will be vomiting all through next summer.

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