Friday, December 12, 2003

Top News Stories of 2003

I am working on my list of the top 10 locally based stories for I would love some suggestions on stories or which ones people think were the most important.

The Enquirer is doing the same thing, and you can vote here. Their list is odd. They are asking for the stories that "engaged" Cincinnati most this year. They list the Governator, Bob Hope's death, the Space Shuttle disaster, and SARS. I would have thought that the WAR IN IRAQ just might have been a international story people would have been "engaged" locally.

My list will stick with stories locally. There will be a ton of lists of National stories around. Lists are fun and easy to write, but if you are going to do one, try to make it unique. I am trying for that.

Also, any suggestions for Cincinnatian of the Year? That would the person, group, entity, or thing that most impacted the Cincinnati Region this year for good or bad.

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