Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Shit Has Hit the Fan

The Coroner has ruled that the struggle with police was the primary cause of the death of Nathaniel Jones. This means that the case is ruled as a "homicide" a technical term. The term "homicide" will none-the-less through gasoline onto a tension racked city.

I did not think much trouble was brewing, but after listening to hate spewing from many of the callers to 1230theBuzz today, I fear that if cooler heads don't keep the peace, we might get trouble. The word "homicide" has already been used by Ron Twitty as the term describing the Coroner's ruling. He has tried to explain it what that means, but I fear many will hear only what they want. This afternoon and tonight will need adults out to keep people from letting emotion vent or quelling any opportunists from using a riot as cover for theft.

Move Coverage: CNN, WLWT, and USA Today.

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