Friday, December 05, 2003

Talk Radio Part of the Problem, or a Symptom of It?

The Post has a story on what is pretending to be programming on local talk radio here in town. The story states what to any listener is the obvious, the Buzz and WLW are the polar opposites on this issue.

I have been listening to both this week. I usually have on WLW in the morning and the Buzz in the afternoon. This week I have had to turn off the Buzz out of frustration on many occasions. WLW's callers are in general right wing. They have had a whole lot of prejudicial and bigoted callers. There have been very few, if any racist views spouted on the air.

At the Buzz is has been much more of a hate fest. The level of anger towards whites feels to me to be palpable. The only thing topping that is the level of misinformation and ignorance as to what the facts are. Lincoln Ware brought this up:
"I try to put out a true fact and it looks like I'm siding with police and many of my callers don't like that," Ware said. "It's frustrating because some people just don't want to hear the true facts."
In the story a nighttime WEBN host was mentioned as crossing the line when talking to some callers. I have no idea what was said, but WEBN has a large percentage of rabid fans who are, or the lack of a better phrase, "poor white trash." I can apply stereotypes and guess at the idiocy let on the air.

Bill Cunningham gets the award for being a slime ball. He made many horrid "fat" jokes that was totally disrespectful.

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