Saturday, December 06, 2003

ODOT to Close Section of I-270 for Two Hours

A 20 mile section of highway is going to be closed to allow police to investigate the area for what is now listed to be 14 related shootings along that stretch of the highway.

This incident is obviously being compared to the DC area sniper. The person or persons responsible so far have not demonstrated the level of skill that was used in the sniper case from last year. What is lacking so far is any information on how or why these 14 shootings are linked. What type of bullet was used, are they all the same caliber? If they are not, then how do we now they are linked? Do we even have bullets from all shootings? I hope after this investigation takes place the police are able to make public some facts that could help the public to understand the level of the threat (a rifle or hand gun for instance) and to get the public on the lookout for potential suspects.

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