Sunday, December 07, 2003

Another Police Altercation

WLWT is reporting that last night at least one police officer was in an altercation with a person while trying to break up a fight. At least one man was arrested. The officer was injured while trying to arrest the suspect. WLWT reports that there is video footage from the cruiser and pictures of the officer's injuries, but the police are holding it back. The alleged reason for holding it back was the anger several council members expressed when they did not get to see the videos before the media. Let's just bet that activists will be pissed once the video is shown and not happy they did not get it sooner.

As of now there are no online stories about this incident and the press has limited information. Will this hit the media big tomorrow or not? It depends on what the video shows. If the cops are beating the man, it will air.

UPDATE: WLWT has posted the story.

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