Saturday, December 06, 2003

Bush Hurting: 43% Stay, 47% Go

I was amazed to read this FOX News poll that says 43% of those polled would reelect Bush to another term, while 47% would vote him out. The key news in these numbers is this element from the story:
Independents lean more toward making Bush a one-term president, as 49 percent would give him retirement and only 35 percent say another four years.
This poll was conducted on the 3rd and 4th of December, a week after Bush's visit to Iraq.

I am not amazed that this story was released on Friday, but it is on the Website's front page. I don't know how much it is being reported on the TV broadcast. It will be interesting to see how Chris Wallace reports this on his debut as host of FOX News Sunday on the FOX Network.

I have not heard exactly how else Chris Wallace will be featured on FOX News. I hope he is not kept only on the Sunday program and his used for all political coverage, much like Russert is used by NBC.

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