Sunday, December 07, 2003

Just Call Me the Amazing Kreskin

Mayor Luken is working to spend 1 million bucks on new stun guns:
The money could come from not filling 34 middle management city vacancies that Luken expects within the coming year, he said at City Hall on Sunday. He said the money should be enough for 1,000 stun guns for the 1,050-officer department.
So, we get more stun guns in police hands, but fewer people managing the city. More weapons, less supervision. Gee, that sounds like a "great" plan.

My prediction is that once police start using stun guns often, then there will be a call by some of the same people crying for the stun guns to stop using them. Stun guns are a short-term appeasement to squeaky wheels. In the long term people need to do two things. One is accept that police work is not a garden picnic. You can't make so no one gets hurt, unless people stop breaking the law. The other long-term thing people need to do, is stop breaking the law.

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