Monday, December 29, 2003

Chum for Bigots?

This column in the Enquirer reports that a former CIA agent alluded in Congressional testimony that an Al Qaida terrorist cell might be brewing here in Cincinnati. Now, I find this laughable, but I am pissed more. In the opinion of the Enquirer columnist the intended connect was that the Islamic Center up in West Chester was given money by the Saudi Government. Now, this is something for the government to keep an eye on, but the Saudi government gives a lot of money to a lot of Muslim centers all over the country. Why did this former CIA have to bring up Cincinnati? I think we have enough bigotry, hate, and fear to last us through the next year without any help from Washington.

I am very disappointed that they columnist did not get a comment from someone at the Great Cincinnati Islamic Center. Instead he got a comment from the Saudi Embassy. Why not ask American Citizens themselves what they think about being linked to terrorism?

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