Sunday, December 07, 2003

Ignorance & Bigotry

Yes, State Rep. Bill Seitz is an Ignorant man:
These facts do not warrant redefining the institution, nor alter the biological fact that heterosexual relationships are, alone, capable of the miracle of natural birth.
Bill you seem to negate the fact that you don't need a husband to make a baby. All you need is some sperm. Now, if you don't think that is "natural," well I guess you might just alienate a few voters who can't conceive on their own.

This article is typical. We can't afford to pay for homosexual benefits, blah blah blah. It is not traditional, blah blah blah. It will open up people marrying goats, blah blah blah.

Bill, it is simple. You don't care about homosexuals. You don't think they should be treated like everyone else. You want to make them a second-class citizen. You are bigoted to homosexuals.

You even try to play the race card with this comment:
Gays were never enslaved or subject to the same invidious discrimination as were African-Americans. Reversing the ban on same-sex marriage is thus different than reversing the ban on racially mixed ones.
I guess you are counting on the high level of homophobia in the black community to push this over the edge?

Civil Unions are barely addressed. It is simple. If you want to keep marriage “holy” either make everything secular, or create Civil Unions for only 2 non-related people of either sex. There, done. No polygamy, no incest, no bigamy. What that so hard Bill?

Here is the pro-argument from the Enquirer.

UPDATE: Greg Mann comments.

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