Saturday, December 20, 2003

Damon Lynch IV Arrested

Rev. Damon Lynch III's son has been arrested on charges of breaking into cars. Yes, this is the son of the man who almost became a Cincinnati City Councilman and who is leading a boycott against Cincinnati.

If you find this ironic, then you are definitely not alone. I would guess that "living" in East Price Hill was not the best choice for Rev. Lynch. His son seemed to need more supervision. I will bet that cries of racial profiling or that his son was set up by the police will be used as his defense. Has Ken Lawson been hired yet?

I will have to wonder how many times "the white man" will be blamed. How many times will the Cincinnati Police be blamed? Will it all just be called a CIA conspiracy?

This should be a big news story, but it is getting little play. The Post has nothing online and the Enquirer has been silent. WLWT, WKRC, and the Whistleblower (who I think had it first) were the only news outlets to report it.

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