Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ken Lawson: Jerk

Lawyers are known as the scum of the earth. That has always been an overstatement. I work for a lawyer, I know several lawyers personally. I hate to see scummy actions or statements from Lawyers to prove the stereotype. Ken Lawson has given me one such statement to prove to me, that he is a jerk and among the scummiest lawyers not only in Cincinnati, but I think the country. From the New York Times:
A lawyer for Mr. Jones' family, Kenneth L. Lawson, said the coroner probably called the death a homicide "because he knew we would be getting that body examined by our own coroner and we would keep him honest."
Right Kenny, the coroner is so concerned about you getting paid, that gave you the PR headline you need to help push the settlement amount over a million dollars. The more national headlines the "Law Dog" can get, the more pressure he can put on the city to settle. I wonder if Ken had place a call to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, offering to book them plane tickets to Cincinnati.

If either of those men come here, I wonder if Nate Livingston will protest their appearances.

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