Saturday, December 20, 2003

Wearing Religion on Your Sleeve

Bengal's QB John Kitna has been fined for wearing a hat with a Christian cross on it during post-game press conferences. I was really bothered by Kitna pushing his religion. It is his right, but I felt it was rude to be so up front about it. I also felt that his choice of hats was poor. Most of the season he wore really cheap hats with "god" awful colors. It was a mockery of hats.

As far as his being fined for doing it, that strikes me as strange. I would have just warned him first. It is unknown if he was warned or not.

I hope the reactionary right does not want to make this into some kind of an issue. I am sure they will, but I hope they complain about the NFL, not anyone else. There actions are totally legal, and the 1st amendment does not apply in this case. The NFL limits what it players can say, it can limit their freedom of expressing their religion.

I am sure will see the freepers and Peter Bronson making an issue of this, and somehow blaming Bill Clinton for it. It must be a sign of the end times, so I guess I better stock up on water.

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