Saturday, December 06, 2003

Post: Divided

Reading this story from the Cincinnati Post I do not feel like things are going to be getting better in race relations. If one were to only listen to local "black focused" radio and the self professed black "leadership", then it would seem that it is expected or at least acceptable to be bigoted towards white people in the black community in this city. Furthermore it would seem that racism towards white is even tolerated in the black community with little cause of concern.

Pig headed idiots like the FOP leadership do nothing to provide any relief to these concerns.

I really see no improvement possible in the current climate. I see the view of black separatists gaining more tolerance or even acceptance in the black community. I think the failure to oppose all racism, no matter whom it is from, as the goal that has been lost from what remains of the black civil rights movement. When the desire for equality has been replace with the desire for power and revenge, then nothing but strife lies ahead.

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